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Doctors are innovators.


Straxfix.Technology ApS is a Danish medico technology company that has developed a patented innovative approach for orthopedic healthcare staff to set fractures.

Current technologies require hot water baths or bulky hotbeds to activate the orthopedic bandage, and a swift hand to position the bandage over fracture before the bandage starts to stiffen. And the long hardening time requires the patient to remain calm until the bandage is fully hardened.

Orthopedic surgeon Lars Carl Borris, MD, Aarhus University Hospital, embarked in 2008 to find a better approach, and the result: The Straxfix Orthopedic System was invented.

The Straxfix Orthopedic System enables orthopedic healthcare staff to focus on the patient and the repositioning of the fracture without the confinement of a water bath or hotbed or without having to work against the clock.

The Straxfix orthopedic bandage is ready to apply straight out of the package and will not harden before exposed to a special light for 30 seconds. And the patient is ready to leave immediately after the treatment which could reduce the number of rework.

The process is similar as you would know it from the dentist when getting plastic fillings.


Our vision is to introduce new standard of care in Orthopedics

Lars Carl Borris, MD

Lars Carl Borris, MD