Straxfix Orthopedic System

Imagine if there was a better way to set fractures.

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The Straxfix Orthopedic System

The Straxfix Orthopedic System



The patented Straxfix Orthopedic System is an innovative new approach to set fractures. An approach that does not change the workflow or medical approach, but an approach that enables doctors and nurses to apply the orthopedic bandage without time restrictions.

The System consists of an orthopedic bandage that can be applied straight from the package, and using regular scissors cut into an appropriate shape or size. To harden the bandage, the System uses a special light that is battery operated and can be handled with one hand.

The Straxfix Orthopedic System is designed to be used throughout the hospital or clinic in order to treat the patient, where location permits or is required.

The bandage is waterproof, but it is not recommended to submerge the bandage into water because of the padding. The stockinette and padding can be changed to avoid odeur issues by a healthcare staff, if needed, as the bandage can be reused.


Treat and discharge a patient in one workflow.

The Straxfix Orthopedic System was developed to enable Orthopedic surgeons, nurses and healthcare staff to treat and discharge a patient in one workflow as the bandage is fully harden on demand.

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Dedicated to change.

The Straxfix.Technology team consists of experienced professionals within Orthopedics, Pharma and Technology.

The founders of the company, Torben Hove Jensen, M.Sc, and Lars Carl Borris, MD, bring together lifelong competences from physics and hands-on experience as an orthopedic surgeon. The combination has resulted in the patented Straxfix Orthopedic System.

The leadership team consists of Frode Lundsten KHS, MBA and Flemming Feddersen, B.Sc combines decade long experience within Business Development and Pharma Manufacturing from Novo Nordisk and LEO Pharma. The combination ensures that The Straxfix Orthopedic System is resource and time saving.

The Board of Directors consists of senior executives, experienced from world class companies such as Coloplast, Technical University of Denmark, and Lundgrens.

Frode Lundsten KHS, CEO

Frode Lundsten KHS, CEO

Flemming Feddersen, CTO

Flemming Feddersen, CTO