Orthopedic System™

Strax IVS is a Danish Medtech company that has developed a novel cast technology, The Straxfix Technology System.


Invented by doctors


The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ is a light-activated orthopedic system that enables doctors and nurses to set bone fractures with flexibility and fix the cast instantly on-demand.

The new system simplifies casting procedures, improves outcomes, reduces re-work and cost.

The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ addresses the issues of:

  • number of reworks on children and elderly people
  • patient flow through the cast room(s)
  • required water bath activation
  • work place safety

Invented by doctors

The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ is a patent pending, innovative solution for setting broken bones using new cast material and a special portable light. Invented together with a Danish orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lars Carl Borris and used at Aarhus University Hospital. The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ addresses the limitations of what is currently available on the market.

Strax IVS is a Danish medical device company with experienced professionals from the medical device industry in the management and on the board of directors.  The company is currently part of the Danish Tech Challenge 2016 program, led and funded in partnership by The Danish Industry Association and ScionDTU (Science and Technology Park of Technical University of Denmark).

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