Orthopedic System™

Strax IVS is a Danish Medtech company that has developed a novel cast technology, The Straxfix Technology System.


Invented by doctors


The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ is a light-activated orthopedic system that enables doctors and nurses to set bone fractures with flexibility and fix the cast instantly on-demand.

The new system simplifies casting procedures, improves outcomes, reduces re-work and cost.

The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ addresses the issues of:

  • number of reworks on children and elderly people
  • patient flow through the cast room(s)
  • required water bath activation
  • work place safety

Invented by doctors

The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ is a patent pending, innovative solution for setting broken bones using new cast material and a special portable light. Invented together with a Danish orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lars Carl Borris and used at Aarhus University Hospital. The Straxfix Orthopedic System™ addresses the limitations of what is currently available on the market.

Straxfix.Technology ApS is a Danish medical device company with experienced professionals from the medical device industry in the management and on the board of directors.

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